Our mission to end medication-related harm is led by a world-class team of pharmacists at the forefront of medication innovation.

Ward Medication Management is Australia’s leading clinical pharmacy company, bringing together medication expertise, a passion for excellence, technological advancements and critical partnerships to prescribe the happiest lives possible.

Knowledge is power, and Ward Medication Management takes pride in passing the intellectual baton to doctors, nurses, pharmacists, aged care providers, seniors, and carers.

This preventative approach is multi-pronged, with Ward Medication Management providing:

1. Training — for medical professionals seeking medication tools and training to ensure the best possible patient outcomes.

2. Medication reviews — one-on-one reviews of an individual’s medications to identify potential health issues for seniors in       aged care or at home.

3. Real-time reporting — to keep medical professionals and aged care providers up-to-date with patient data and inform           necessary adjustments.

4. Ongoing support — expert medication advice, industry benchmarking, and accreditation assistance to help ensure the           best possible outcomes for individuals.

The Clinical Excellence Team

Providing medication reviews and recommendations, tools and training, and ongoing support.

Doctors, nurses, pharmacists and aged care providers, seniors, and carers.

Dr Natalie Soulsby, BSc(Hons) Pharm, MSc Clin Pharm, PhD, AACPA, MSHPA, MPSA

Operations & Associate Clinical Director

Winner of the AACP Consultant Pharmacist of the Year 2017 and the 2017 South Australian Pharmacist of the Year award, Dr. Soulsby is unwavering in her dedication to innovation through education.  She is a teacher of pharmacy students, a trainer of pharmacists, an SHPA Clinical Pharmacy Seminar author and tutor, and the author of a series published in the Australian Pharmacist to provide guidance on laboratory investigations.  Dr. Soulsby is passionate about building the clinical knowledge and skills of healthcare practitioners, rationalising prescriptions, particularly for the elderly, and improving the future of medication management.  She is also a food and wine aficionado and Liverpool Football Club supporter.

Sue Ward

Founder & Principal Pharmacist

A passion for outstanding patient care was the foundation upon which Sue Ward founded Ward Medication Management in 1997.  Not content with an archaic system of simply writing additional medication notes on patients’ charts, Sue created the first QUM reporting service, with clear quality indicators to help healthcare practitioners strive for excellence. Aged care facilities that have adopted her revolutionary CPR program have achieved 100% accreditation compliance.  Sue is highly respected, her legislation experience in aged care is second to none, and when she isn’t helping aged care facilities improve their medication management she loves spending time with her family and playing with her dog Pascal.