About Us

Our talented team of professionals is passionate about reducing medication-related harm

We pride ourselves on clinical excellence. We have high-quality control standards, with consistency across the RMMRs and QUM delivered to all our facility partners nationally. We achieve this through rigorous training for our pharmacists, mentoring, peer reviews, and professional development.

Medication Management Support For Professionals

Our award-winning clinical pharmacists support Aged Care providers and GPs through RMMRs, QUMs, and HMRs. We also deliver tailored, in-person, and online training for Registered Nurses and other health professionals. Underpinning this is our easy-to-use reporting and benchmarking tool. In addition, we introduce tools and technologies to help improve your service offering and resident outcomes; such as our Medication Regimen Simplification service which saves approximately 85 staff hours per month, per 100-bed facility*.


Clinical Pharmacists, Nationally


Aged Care Facilities




MAC Meetings Annually


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Our Values

Commitment to Customers

We develop relationships that make a positive difference in our customers’ lives.


We show commitment to making things happen.


We embrace and integrate accountability into everything we do, individually and collectively. We are responsible for our actions, behaviours, performance and decisions.

Continuous Learning

Knowledge is power – the more we know, the more we can contribute; to each other, our customers, and our organisation.


We are committed to developing new technologies, ideas, and ways of thinking to deliver the best solutions for our customers.


We work together and support each other to meet our customers’ needs and to help our company succeed.