Ward MM Newsletter December 2016


This Ward MM newsletter is released in the week leading up to Christmas, a favourite time of the year for some, and for others it is an emotional time that can present its own challenges. In a secular, multicultural society like Australia, not everyone necessarily celebrates the actual occasion of Christmas, but nevertheless many of us look forward to at least a few days off from our usual routine. This might be spent being in touch with loved ones, indulging in food and drink sometimes reserved for festive occasions, a trip away to a place much loved (or perhaps out of the ordinary), or even simply a few lazy days spent on the couch watching the progress of a cricket match, or perhaps tennis or golf? No matter how those of us who are fortunate enough to have time off in the last few days of December or early January spend our days, many of us find this time of year to be an opportunity to connect/reconnect with those we care about, an occasion to relax, a time to eat delicious family specialty foods, and to recharge. How can this be a bad thing?

Of course, this time of year can also be a double-edged sword. As those around us celebrate the very things that make the season special, there are some amongst us for whom the holiday season can present some significant issues. At times people can find themselves estranged or disconnected from people they care about, and in the aged care industry it is quite possible some elderly people find themselves completely disconnected from those that they care the most about.

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