It’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years. – Abraham Lincoln


As Australia’s largest provider of clinical pharmacy services to aged care, Ward Medication Management are the guardians of safe and appropriate medication use in aged care facilities across the country.


Every aged care partner facility is serviced by a small team of dedicated pharmacists who:

  • Understand the facility’s needs, policies and processes.
  • Have strong relationships with the key stakeholders.
  • Provide consistent service in line with training and quality assurance.


Working collaboratively with GPs, aged care staff, residents and their families, Ward Medication Management are:

Improving Residents’ Quality of Life

  • By completing independent Medication Management Reviews for residents with support activities that focus on well being and quality of life.
  • Comparing individual’s medications to macro trends and biological statics (both quantitatively and qualitatively).
  • Giving healthcare professionals the medical resources needed to make informed decisions and deliver the best possible level of care.


Empowering Clinical Teams

By providing clinical health professionals with:

  • Comprehensive online and in-person best practice clinical care training.
  • Clinical support 24/7 via 1800 WARDMM (free call) and email.
  • Support materials – posters, flyers, policy advice, data insights and more.
  • Weekly Clinical Pearl email updates and newsletters from the Clinical Director’s desk about important medication matters.


Providing Visibility

Introducing interactive digital tools:

  • Reporting and benchmarking with insights, analysis and advice to deliver operational and clinical best practice.
  • Digital dashboards, electronic documentation and online clinical education insights at the facility, network and corporate level.


Exceeding Accreditation Standards

A team approach to meeting and exceeding accreditation standards with:

  • An integrated, collaborative RMMR and QUM approach.
  • Continuous improvement to avoid last minute accreditation issues.
  • Partners achieving a 100% accreditation standard and 2.7 success rate.


Mitigating Risk

Ward Medication Management helps their partners mitigate risk with:

  • Processes for peer reviews, data, privacy, data analysis, and professional development.
  • Quarterly audits and improvement advice from clinical pharmacists.
  • Aged care partnerships that collaboratively develop policies and procedures.


Driving revenue and reducing costs

Ward Medication Management helps their partners:

  • Optimise medication regimes for the best financial outcomes.
  • Identify opportunities to optimise revenue and reduce costs.


If you are:

  • An aged care provider – please contact Ward Medication Management directly to find out how we can be of service.
  • Living in aged care – please ask the aged care facility staff if Ward Medication Management provides services to your residence, or contact us to ask how we can help.