Are you taking five or more medications and living at home?

If you are, an experienced clinical pharmacist can visit you at home and complete a medication review at no cost to you to ensure you’re living your healthiest, most fulfilling life.

This ‘Home Medicines Review’ can be requested by your GP who will then collaborate with Ward Medication Management to make sure you’re getting the most out of your medications.


A Home Medicines Review

  • Helps you use your medicines effectively and avoid any unwanted effects.
  • Checks why you might be feeling unwell when you take your medicines.
  • Is useful if you take medicines and need to monitor their effects.
  • Is useful if you take medicines that have serious interactions with other medicines.
  • A pharmacist shows you how to store and take your medications to make sure they work properly.
  • Helps you remove expired medicines you no longer use, and make sure it’s appropriate for you to take all your medicines together.


How it works

Step 1

Ask your GP to refer you to Ward Medication Management.  A highly trained pharmacist will then arrange an appointment to visit you in your home.  This is at no cost to you as the pharmacist’s visit to your home and the report are both paid for by the Australian Government.


Step 2

A Ward Medication Management pharmacist will visit you in your home and:

  • Speak with you at length about your medications.
  • Ask about other factors that may affect you getting the most from your medications.
  • Provide your GP and pharmacy with your Home Medicines Review report.


Step 3

You can then use your Home Medicines Review report to:

  • Discuss the findings with your GP and develop a ‘Medication Management Plan’.
  • Share the findings with your health providers and carers to assist with your ongoing care.


To find out more about the Home Care service:

  • Read this information brochure.
  • Call 1800 WARDMM or 1800 927 366.
  • Send us a message.