Ward Medication Management’s ethos is Connect – Network – Share.


Partnerships with other health professionals include:

General Practitioners

Ward Medication Management clinical pharmacists collaborate with GPs across Australia to improve the lives of their patients, and provide GP partners with:

  • Residential Medication Management Reviews (RMMRs).
  • Home Medicine Reviews (HMRs).
  • Training
  • A Biannual Medication Masterclass.
  • Case conferences.
  • Tailored medication advice.
  • Collaborative research.

If you are a GP and want to find out more please:

  • Call 1800 WARDMM or 1800 927 366.
  • Send us a message.


Nursing and Care Staff

Ward Medication Management works hand in hand with dedicated nursing and care staff, and provides support with:

  • Face to face and online training for valuable and relevant CPD points.
  • Clinical visibility regarding medications being administered in the facility.
  • Audits and reviews to improve clinical processes, policies and activities.
  • The tools needed to deliver best practice care.
  • Processes to simplify HMR coordination and claiming in GP clinics.

If you are:

  • Working for a Ward Medication Management partner you can access the Clinical Knowledge Hub by clicking here.
  • A nurse or care staff wanting to find out more please call 1800 WARDMM (1800 927 366) or send us a message.


Research Partners

Ward Medication Management:

  • Has Australia’s largest privately held pharmacoepidemiological database.
  • Undertakes research to better understand how medications are used and the impacts they can have.
  • Partners with universities, aged care providers, technology companies, GP networks and health innovators to eliminate medication related harm.

If you are interested in exploring a potential research opportunity together:

  • Call 1800 WARDMM or 1800 927 366.
  • Send us a message.


Supply Pharmacies

Ward Medication Management values supply pharmacy partners and:

  • Works closely with them to ensure the best possible care for individuals.
  • Has strategic partnerships with supply pharmacies who are innovative in their approach to care.
  • Maintains deliberate and clear independence from the supply of medications to ensure individuals’ medication assessments are unbiased.

If your supply pharmacy wants to explore working with a clinical pharmacy group:

  • Call 1800 WARDMM or 1800 927 366.
  • Send us a message.