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Ward MM Thrive provides solution to recent TEAMM study that found a high level of inappropriate prescriptions for home nursing patients.


In a recent article published in Australian Ageing Agenda, Eastern Melbourne PHN substantiated the pivotal role of a clinical pharmacist in the care of our most vulnerable in society, the elderly. The TEAMM (Timely Enhanced Access of Medication) study confirmed the prevalence of potentially inappropriate medication (PIMs) among home nursing clients is very high, with three quarters of this group taking drugs linked to a risk of adverse events including falls and hospitalisation.

The study revealed that despite the clinical pharmacist identifying ‘at risk’ medications that should be altered, GPs struggled to make effective alterations to medication regimes. 

 “Overall, the prevalence of potentially inappropriate medication (PIMs) in home-based nursing clients is very high but deprescribing is an approach that can reduce PIMs and therefore strategies and interventions are required that facilitate deprescribing in this population,” said Georgia Major a research officer with the Bolton Clarke Research Institute

To ensure medications are managed appropriately for people living at home, Ward MM strongly believes an ongoing relationship between the individual, their careers, their GP, and a clinical pharmacist is critical. Altering medications is a slow process that requires monitoring and GPs require clinical support to implement these decisions. To that end, Ward MM provide a premium medication service, Thrive. 

Leading Aged Services Australia (LASA) has partnered with Ward MM to launch Thrive at the LASA National Congress last month. LASA CEO Sean Rooney says the industry welcomes new models of care that support older Australians to age well, whether it be in the home or other care context. 

“Strong medication management practices are vital to quality of life as we age. We believe Thrive provides an innovative solution to keeping Australia’s aging population safe and healthy in their homes for longer.” said Mr Rooney. 

Ward MM Thrive supports those taking multiple medications by providing a clinical pharmacist who specialises in geriatric medicine to be their medication specalist. Collaborating closely with the individuals GP and specalist doctors, monitoring changes via a face-to-face consultation every 6 weeks and matching medication to the individual’s DNA, Thrive, will ensure individuals reduce risk of medication-related harm and optimise health outcomes explained Ward MM’s CEO Fiona Rhody-Nicoll to a breakfast audience at LASAs National Congress. 

Uniting AgeWell are first to provide Thrive to people living in the community. General Manager Strategy & Business Development, Fonda Voukelatos supported the launch of Thrive at LASA Congress and is excited Uniting AgeWell clients have now signed up to the new service. 

“We are excited to be one of the founding partners of Ward MM’s Thrive and provide proactive medication care to our clients. By collaborating with GP’s and specialists the Thrive service ultimately enables clients to live independently for longer.” said Mr Voukelatos. 

Ward MM Thrive benefit people taking 5 or more medications and is most suitable for people on a level 3 or 4 government Home Care package. To sign up to Thrive visit 

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