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Meet the Team
Meet the Team
Meet the Team

Natalie Soulsby

Head of Clinical Development

Natalie Soulsby likens a day working as part of the Ward MM family to one working in emergency medicine: ‘you can predict what will come through the door, but you’ll never be exactly right’.

Such is the variety of her work as Head of Clinical Development, dedicated to maintaining the high quality of RMMRs and HMRs performed by Ward MM pharmacists at sites around the country, while staying ahead of emerging clinical pharmacy and health policy issues and leading investment in innovation.

Natalie says a stand-out attraction of working for Ward MM is the true collegial atmosphere, in which everyone has a meaningful voice.

‘Our blind, peer review system ensures regular feedback from colleagues on each team member’s medication reviews. This allows us to maintain our very high standard of clinical services, and maximise the value that is added to the care of each patient, while also allowing pharmacists to learn from each other’s approaches, even while working autonomously.’

‘Other unique aspects of the team include our company-wide chat, which provides a 24/7 forum for posting and fielding questions that directly impact patient care. This “all-in” culture allows us to foster true collaboration, and keep the needs of the patient at the centre of every conversation.’

Curating monthly in-house education is another important aspect of Natalie’s work, keeping the team across emerging clinical topics and issues and enabling them to easily meet their 60 hours of required annual CPD.

‘It’s so important that we identify, early, exactly what’s going on in aged care and support our sites in important care initiatives, such as new quality improvement indicators in place nationwide from this July.

‘At the same time, members of the Ward MM team drive our education program as it responds to their needs in the field, equipping them to provide the very best medication reviews in a changing landscape.

‘It is so rewarding seeing our pharmacists developing on their journey and we’re really proud of our extensive career development opportunities. I think Ward MM has a twin focus: supporting team members to help them get to where they want to go, while fostering an open culture of learning based on the needs of every patient we see.

‘They’re truly at the centre of everything we do.’

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Natalie Soulsby