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Your unique DNA provides unique clues.
Your unique DNA provides unique clues.
Your unique DNA provides unique clues.

DNA Testing for Medication

You might wonder 'how does testing my DNA help with finding the right medication for me?

Basically, our bodies have an individual reaction to the things we put in our bodies so genetic testing for medication can help determine the exact right schedule for your genes.

Your genes make you unique. Some aspects of genetics are plain for all to see. You don’t need a test to tell you whether you have brown eyes. But other aspects are hidden and can only be discovered by exploring genes.

There are certain genes which contain instructions to build proteins called enzymes. These enzymes are involved in breaking down medications in the body, primarily in the liver.

People have different versions of these genes which produce enzymes with varying levels of activity (e.g. slow, normal or fast). As a result, people vary in how slow or fast they break down and clear medications from their body and genetic testing can help to reveal this.

For instance, if a person breaks down a medication too quickly, the medication is ineffective.

Whilst a person who breaks down a medication too slowly are at risk of unwanted side effects.

DNA testing for medication is a non-invasive process involving a cotton bud swab taken from your mouth. The results are extremely useful when selecting the most suitable medication for an individual, increasing the chance of a successful treatment and avoiding problematic medication reactions.

In partnership with My DNA, the Ward MM Thrive service for DNA testing for medication and work with your Doctor to find the medications that are right for you.