Reporting and Benchmarking

Reporting and Benchmarking

Accurate and meaningful reporting for clear insights at your facility or group of facilities

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Configurable dashboard

The dashboard provides a clear overview of your facility or group of facilities on one concise page.

It also includes National data QI information for medication management. Clicking on each of the buttons will provide more in-depth analysis on that topic.

Buttons include antimicrobials, anticonvulsants and antidementia medications as well as polypharmacy.

The QUM activities section means you can easily identify which homes have not had a MAC meeting.

Medications pages

There is a separate page for each medication: Antipsychotics, S8 Medications, Benzodiazepines, Antidepressants, Antimicrobials, Anticonvulsants, Antidementia.

For each medication group page, there is now a list of residents, which home they are in and which medication in that group they have been prescribed.

In addition, we include a table of homes and the percentage of residents prescribed that group of medications.

This means you can easily get a clear understanding of the medications being administered in your facility.


The polypharmacy page identifies all those residents reviewed on 9 or more medications (excluding those medications as per the Quality Indicators).

The information for each resident includes the facility they are in as well as the number of medications they are on.

The report provides further depth by identifying exactly which medications they are taking.

GP analysis

The GP analysis page identifies which GPs Ward MM have conducted reviews for, as well as which GPs have not provided a referral.

It is also clear from this report which GPs accepted medication recommendations after a follow up review was conducted.

This information allows Ward MM to work collaboratively with the facilities to identify gaps in service provision as well as any potential issues.

The images displayed above are showing dummy data along with invented facility and resident names.


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