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Are you living independently?
Are you living independently?
Are you living independently?

Taking the correct medication will ensure you avoid side effects and stay active and independent.

There are a number of reasons why a medication may not be right for you;

  • Your unique genes (or DNA) may not metabolise a medication efficiently.
  • There may be a reaction between two or more of the drugs you’re taking.
  • Your body may react to a drug in an unexpected way.
  • You may have been prescribed a drug but are having difficulty taking it.
  • Your condition or symptoms have resolved, but you are still taking the medication.
  • You may have been prescribed a medication which is not optimal.
  • Your medication dose may be too high or too low.

Ward MM can help ensure you are on the right medication for you.

Home Medicines Reviews

A Home Medicine Review is a way for your clinical pharmacist and GP, or Medical Specialist, to “do a check-up” on your medicines. Home Medicine Reviews are fully funded...

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Home Medicines Reviews

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