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Stay Active. Stay Independent.
Stay Active. Stay Independent.
Stay Active. Stay Independent.
Ward MM Thrive

For People Living Independently

Specialist Medication Service

Reduce risk of medication-related harm and eliminate unnecessary cost, whist optimising your health outcomes with Ward MM Thrive.  

A specialist medication service provided by a clinical pharmacist who is an expert in geriatric medicine. 

Medication matched to your DNA

Medication matched to your DNA

Integrated care with GP and Specialists

Integrated care with GP and Specialists

Thrive plan updated every 6 weeks

Thrive plan updated every 6 weeks

Peace of mind with 24/7 support

Peace of mind with 24/7 support

Ward MM Thrive

Thrive is available for a monthly fee and can be funded by a government Home Care Package. Thrive is most appropriate for people on a level 3 or 4 government-funded Home Care Package. 

How does testing my DNA help find me the right medication?

Our bodies have an individual reaction to each medication based on our genes. Ward MM will test your DNA to determine the correct medication and dosage for you. A DNA test is a non-invasive process involving a cotton bud swab taken from your mouth. Privacy and data security protocols will keep your DNA data safe.

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How does testing my DNA help find me the right medication?

Thrive FAQs

If you can't find an answer to your question here please contact Ward MM directly on 1800 927 366.

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How is Thrive different to my current medication management?

Thrive puts you in the driver’s seat with your medications. With Thrive, a highly qualified Ward MM pharmacist will work with you, your GP and your specialists (if you have them) monthly to create a proactive personalised medication plan tailored to your needs at any given point in time. It will take into account your concerns, challenges and desires while also drilling right down into your unique DNA, making sure that wherever possible, you’re not coming to harm because of your medications.

In addition, you’ll have 24/7 phone access to a Medication Specialist and a personalised online dashboard to monitor your progress.

Currently the government fund 1 medication review every 2 years or when your medications have potentially caused harm. They are not using DNA to maximise the benefits of medication, do not allow for ongoing adjustment to your plan by a Medication Specialist as your medications and needs change and do not offer 24/7 support.

Will I talk to the same Medication Specialist every consultation?

Yes, the same Ward MM Medication Specialist will be in touch every time – however, please understand there may be unforeseen circumstances where this is not possible, such as illness. In this instance we will make sure the person you do speak to understands your plan and requirements.

Why do I need extra medication reviews?

Medication reviews improve your life and reduce the risk of drug related problems. A review will asses your medications based on current research and risk aversion, potentially reducing your medication and reducing the cost to you. Simply put, taking the correct medication could prevent dizzy spells that result in falls, frequent need to visit the toilet and other lifestyle inconveniences.

What if something goes wrong or another side effect develops?

Your medication is altered gradually and you will be monitored more frequently during this period to ensure a positive outcome.

Why test my DNA?

DNA testing helps us and your GP to take some of the guess work out of medication selection. DNA testing allows us to make changes to your medications if results show you are either more susceptible to side effects from certain medicines or less likely to respond to treatment (it’s all about how fast your body can ‘metabolise’ a type of drug).

What happens to my DNA Data?

Your DNA test will be processed by myDNA in their National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) accredited laboratory in Melbourne and will provide the results to your Ward MM Aged Care Medication Specialist. Your reports and genetic data are your property and results remain strictly confidential. Privacy and data security protocols are fundamental to myDNA. Find out more at

How is my family supported?

It is essential that, if you want them to, your family are given information to support you in feeling your best. If you would like us to, a Ward MM Aged Care Medication Specialist can meet with your family regularly to discuss your current medications and desired outcomes.

How does the Ward MM pharmacist support my GP?

Ward MM have developed this program in collaboration with doctors, ensuring efficient use of their time (so they have more time for you). Your Ward MM Medication Specialist will support your GP by regular visits to their clinic to;

  • review your medications, collaboratively adjusting your plan to try and prevent any future medication related issues.
  • provide your GP with a summary of your Medication Dashboard.
  • coordinate specialist consultations with your GP when required.
Why would I need a MedicAlert bracelet?

A MedicAlert bracelet includes medical information that might be needed in an emergency. For example, a list of allergies or medications known to have significant interactions or impacts. The bracelet will consistently be updated by the Ward MM team and is not a mandatory element of the Thrive service..

What is the My Thrive Personal Online Dashboard

The My Thrive Personal Online Dashboard is your personalised digital way to monitor your vital statistics and your journey with Thrive. Through My Thrive you will be able to see how you've improved with each catch up with your Ward MM Clinical Pharmacist and and this data will help yourself, and any doctors and specialists that you choose to share it with, make the best decisions for your health and vitality. 

Thrive is available direct from Ward MM or via the following home care providers:

Uniting AgeWell

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